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All work related to Premium brands is eligible for entry in the competition.

Type of Entry

Use of Media
Direct Marketing
Print Ads

Outdoor, Out of Home, Ambient
Branding & Visual Identity
Event & Sponsorship
Public Relations
Branded Content

Integrated/Mixed Media Campaign


01 Cars & Yachts
Cars, Jeeps & 4-wheel drives, motorbikes, accessories incl. in-car hi-fi, servicing companies, car dealers and car finance & leasing, car hire. Yacht builders, charter, interior.


02 Perfume & Cosmetics
Fragrance, makeup, skin care, bath & body, hair.


03 Fashion & Style
All clothing, footwear & accessories including: sportswear, clothing fabrics, luggage and sunglasses.


04 Jewellery & Watches
Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings, men’s jewelry. Wristwatch, pocket watch, clocks.


05 Design & Accessories
Purses and handbags, cravats, ties, hats, belts gloves, scarves, tissues, writing instruments.


06 Beverages & Food
All alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks including tea, coffee, milk, still and carbonated drinks. All Food including premium sweets and snacks.


07 Hotels & Holidays
Hotels, resorts, ferry & cruise lines, travel agencies, tourist boards.


08 Jet Service & Airlines
Executive air operator, business jets and management jets, air charter, exceptional airlines.


09 Real Estate & Property
Residential properties Offices, houses, flats, estate agents, builder, provider.


10 Retail & Leisure
Department stores, luxury malls, online shopping & auctions, gyms, health clubs, art galleries, museum.


11 Money & Safety
Banks, building societies, credit cards, investment companies, insurance, security services.


12 Electronics & Communication
Televisions, cameras, computers, tablets, music devices, smart phones, telecommunications services.


13 Restaurants & Bars
All restaurants, cafés & bars, nightclubs, beach-clubs.


14 Home & Living
House & garden furniture, fridges, cookers, kitchen utensils, appliances & crockery, glassware, bed & table linen, baths, showers, home decorating & building products, air conditioners, lamps.


15 Publication & Media
All areas of the media including print, digital, TV programme, blogs focus on Luxury.


16 Art Direction
Visual appearance to translate moods, messages, concepts, and ideas into imagery. In all areas of the media including print, digital, outdoor, TV, radio and cinema.


17 Photography
Pictures taken with cameras, smartphones, published print or online.